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What $olitary Confinement Co$t$ You
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Burying people alive in solitary confinement costs up to THREE TIMES AS MUCH as housing them in Sensitive Needs Yard facilities!

     No wonder most departments of correction (including Washington's) don't want to talk about it. Conveniently, they don't even keep track of that cost comparison! Here's the response you will get from WDOC if you try to find out what this medieval practice is costing us:

"I have been asked to respond to your email dated June 17, 2012.  You had asked for the average cost per year of housing a prisoner in an intensive management unit and the average cost per year of housing a prisoner in general population.   Although the Department recognizes there may be a higher cost to house an offender in an intensive management unit, we do not break out those costs separately."

Go to the excellent website below for the astounding lowdown on this colossal waste of taxpayer money. Here's an excerpt from it: 

    " Reforms Lead to Savings

"Spurred by litigation, legislation, leadership, and local activism, a handful of states have recently taken steps to reduce the number of prisoners they hold in solitary—a move that has clear fiscal benefits. 

"In recent years, Mississippi has reduced the number of 
prisoners it holds in  solitary from 1,000 to about 150, and 
closed down its supermax unit. According to the ACLU, the 
reforms are saving Mississippi’s taxpayers an estimated $8 
million a year."

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